The Usefulness of a New Geometry in Relativity

Daniel Sénéquier

The currently used geometry is extremely complex (it involves constructing a basis of the dual of the space considered as a vector space and tensor calculus) and does not allow for the representation of space in an accelerated change of reference frame or under the influence of a gravitational field. It only allows the representation of a single point. Hence, it is impossible to describe the universe in
Relativity and, consequently, to describe the motion of an object subjected to forces (position, velocity, acceleration at each instant).


Through a very classical geometric construction, another, much simpler geometry can resolve these difficulties.

It leads to the perception of space having a dual structure, provides an explanation for the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, and offers a step towards understanding the reason behind the invariance of the
speed of light: this physical phenomenon appears to be directly linked to the dual structure of space.

These results are based on a classical and rigorously reasoned mathematical approach.


A study by Daniel Sénéquier


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